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About Me

About Me


I have freelanced in film, photography, and advertising; I strive to learn. Significant creators such as National Geographic have earned me practice, and institutions such as USC have taught me skill.


Some more on who I am:

It's always odd to write about who I am because I don't know who you are, fellow reader. What I do know is that you're interested enough to read the TL;DR and still want to know more, and I am flattered that you want to listen about my life. So I'll do my best: The name's Federico, but people call me Fred, Red, Rico or even Derf. I've loved traveling the world ever since I was born, because I was born in Miami and not a month past before I was living in Colombia, South America. There, I've learned how tough life can be on underprivileged people, how drug addiction can genuinely destroy a friend's potential, and how violent people are willing to get because of an opinion. But anyway, going way back: 

  • By 4 I was traveling to Alabama every summer to learn in summer camps. 
  • By 12 I was passionate about photography and got my first camera. I started learning online and in courses. I also discovered the world of After Effects, which blew my mind away upon the first launch. (I was so overwhelmed by After Effects' interface, I immediately closed it and looked up tutorials, excited to understand it all.) (Back then I also started to learn how to code, which I continue to do as a hobby to bring my side projects to fruition.)

Classmates in the best classroom out there: the Swiss Alps.

  • By 15 I was selected to go to a summer course in USC where I defined my career path and learned from the astounding professors Angelo Pacifici and Jay New.  There with the help of Princess Helena Zecevic, I made "DreamLocked," which came in my class' second place of being among the best motion pictures made in the program. 
  • By 16 I toured Montenegro in hopes of visiting an old USC friend. I used to be a very silent, shy kid (oh how times change.) And if you didn't know, Montenegro is a limitless, beautiful and party-driven country. There, my mind opened to a lifestyle I was not familiar with, and incredible stories were had (I'm sure I'll make them into movies some day.)

Learning with Angelo in USC.

Helena and I shooting DreamLocked.

Shooting A Tearful Purr

At the private Disney Animations lot. Chilling with my man Mr. Disney.