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About Me

About Me


I have freelanced in film, photography, and advertising; I strive to learn. Significant creators such as National Geographic have earned me practice, and institutions such as USC have taught me skill.


Some more on who I am:

I am flattered that you want to listen about my life. So I'll do my best: The name's Federico, but people call me Fred, Red, Rico or even Derf. I've loved traveling the world ever since I was born, because I was born in Miami and not a month past before I was living in Colombia, South America. There, I've learned how tough life can be on underprivileged people, and how violent people are willing to get because of an opinion. But anyway, going way back: 

  • By 4 I was traveling to Alabama every summer to learn about science as well as photography in summer camps.

  • By 12 I got my first camera. I started learning online and in courses. I also discovered the world of After Effects, which blew my mind away (upon the first launch on my computer, I was so overwhelmed by After Effects' interface, I immediately closed it and looked up tutorials, excited to understand it all.) Back then I also started to learn how to code, which I continue to do as a hobby to bring my side projects to fruition.

Classmates in the best classroom out there: the Swiss Alps.

  • By 15 I was selected to go to a summer course in USC where I defined my career path and learned from the astounding professors Angelo Pacifici and Jay New. There with the help of Princess Helena Zecevic, I made "DreamLocked," which came in my class' second place of being among the best motion pictures made in the program.

  • By 16 I toured Montenegro in hopes of visiting an old USC friend. I used to be a very silent, shy kid (oh how times change.) Montenegro is a limitless, beautiful country. There, my mind opened to a lifestyle I was not familiar with, and incredible stories were had.

Learning with Angelo in USC.

Helena and I shooting DreamLocked.

Shooting A Tearful Purr

At the private Disney Animations lot. Chilling with my man Mr. Disney.

  • By 19 I was accepted into USC’s Film Production transfer program. I am now in the Trojan family, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.