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My version of "Ego-tripping"


Welcome to my blog! The purpose of it is really to have an outlet for my mind but also to let you, dear stranger, get to know me better. Most of the posts will be general thoughts that cross my mind. It may vary from one day speaking of film and its current state, or reviewing the BM Ursa, to giving song suggestions, speaking about life and even talking about some games I may be into. It will really all depend on the mood of the day. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you on the next post!

My version of "Ego-tripping"

Federico Arboleda

There's a beautiful verse out there by Nikki Giovanni, called "Ego Tripping." It is a not-conventionally structured poem where you boast about your imaginary self, and so, here's my version of it:


I was made from shining stardust and created a world

I built an idea so brilliant

That even the giants could not stop it

Into the bellows laughs and cries

Through humanity I slithered and listened

I am cruel and comforting


My bare hands can cause chaos or create magic

With a simple look I silenced the nation of Yugoslavia

And with a touch I cured the Black Plague

I am remembrance


I am the builder of destiny

My fingers point

              To your love

              And your death

I have traveled hell for eight thousand hours

I am who scolds Zeus

And who kisses Aphrodite


My cousin is both Gatsby and Alexander the Great

By the end of October I gave him people

And by December he built a culture


I explore the gray faces of the worlds unknown

I gaze over their infinite horizons

              Bring to them eyes and ears

              As I bring forth the light

People travel from Mars through America and China

As I proudly mold them into my own sons

I am admired by all those who live


Only love from their minds comes to me