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Free-writing thoughts


Welcome to my blog! The purpose of it is really to have an outlet for my mind but also to let you, dear stranger, get to know me better. Most of the posts will be general thoughts that cross my mind. It may vary from one day speaking of film and its current state, or reviewing the BM Ursa, to giving song suggestions, speaking about life and even talking about some games I may be into. It will really all depend on the mood of the day. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you on the next post!

Free-writing thoughts

Federico Arboleda

I was watching an episode of Sherlock just a few moments ago. After watching it, usually I feel like Sherlock, but this time was a tad different. As I walked out, the smell of something burning made me feel like Dr. Watson, pacing down the darkened street to my temporary home. As I crossed the orange-lit parking lot in front of the cafeteria I felt a sense of danger, or was it peace? No no it was definitely danger, there were police sirens in the air, someone was getting arrested in the distance. But to me, the sirens were getting ever closer to this quiet, dark parking lot.  I stepped in a rapid pace, with my eyes wide open as I passed a girl on her phone. She looked like most here at my college: all of her tastes and her personality were on her clothing in a false sense of confidence. It just makes things easier when you're in the emotional state after watching a good Sherlock episode. People that do this are telling you their story, all you have to do is observe. I noticed her shirt of a cartoon I had never seen before, but in the same style as Steven Universe. As she walked past me in her sparkly green and pink makeup, I stared at her cartoon shirt and thought to myself, "I'm living in a dangerous cartoon world, made of cartoon minds and very real mistakes." Each step I took was weary of the rocks under my shoe, and as I stepped in my quick pace, I walked through a street composed of two roads surrounded by trees filled with Spanish moss. It looked more like a corridor, or an alley. A very large alley with someone at the other end. I walked forward and stared at the parking meter, observing the fingerprints left on it with a quick glance. It had been a busy day. I approached this person as she approached me, the sense of danger grew. We were feet apart. Without a glance, we parted ways. As she went through my opposite path, I got a good smell of the wind she brushed in her walk. The entire night had, after all, started with a smell. The smell of burned... That is what peaked my sense of Sherlock. When I turned to yet another hallway-street, I delved into my thoughts and senses. Each step I felt, each breath I smelled... burned cigarette and a touch of liquor as a group of girl-friends past my left. A touch of orange, but mostly that burned scent. Flowery from the trees, cigar and car fumes, a finale with a stop light. Cars passed as I realized the beauty of it all. The glow of the green light under the moonlight. The timer for the walking sign lowered from five to two, and with a predicted snap, my walking light turned white. "how good I've become at timing" I thought. But timing was only part of a rhythm, and after all, I have been practicing the drums for the past two weeks. Timing is what Sherlock does best with writing. The writing on the show is phenomenal as every action intertwines, every character is purposed and every line, shot, sense, with a rhythm. I won't delve into thinking about technicalities because I know them already. I know the science of a story, I know how stories are told or at least meant to be told. I know how to create beauty in a shot, a script, and emotion: It's all about melody. I know how to write witty dialogue like Sherlock's, I learned from Aaron Sorkin, master of witty dialogue. So why do I have such little confidence in my writing? Am I pacing this right? Am I being interesting? These insecurities kill. I'm good, I'm more than good, I'm the best. I've got the knowledge, I've got the cameras and the computers, I've got creativity though admittedly I've suppressed it for years and only now, after meditation, have I noticed the wonders of letting it flourish. So, again, why the bloody hell, do I not do something? I urge to make something... something like Sherlock. Or rather something as good, as beautiful, and as shaking as Sherlock. I'm almost blurting out and spewing the urge because itself urges to come out. So I will make something. I am a self-starter, after all, if I don't do it no one will. "boo hoo I don't have a crew" well come up with an idea first, and then do a casting call, someones bound to show up. 

I want to film something, anything to feel that wonderful sense of joy and satisfaction. So I will start a series of commercials. I will go to a restaurant in front of my home, and I will ask, "hey, can I make and publish commercial for you?" and if I am charismatic about it, there is no reason for them to say no. They get free promo, and I get the experience I'm dying for. My hope with this is to publish a fake commercial every week, a real commercial every month, and a short film every year. This year's short film is done, so now on with the rest of the content. And that aside, I might even upload tutorials and a bit of gaming, because that's fun. I enjoy fun. I enjoy taking pictures that move. I enjoy teaching, I enjoy emotions, and so I shall. Either way, my redesigned website is going to need content and lots of it. So once I rebrand, let's hope I can produce it and satisfy that urging need inside me to progress and film.