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Marvel Sucks, and Here's Why. - [Blogcast]


Welcome to my blog! The purpose of it is really to have an outlet for my mind but also to let you, dear stranger, get to know me better. Most of the posts will be general thoughts that cross my mind. It may vary from one day speaking of film and its current state, or reviewing the BM Ursa, to giving song suggestions, speaking about life and even talking about some games I may be into. It will really all depend on the mood of the day. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you on the next post!

Marvel Sucks, and Here's Why. - [Blogcast]

Federico Arboleda

How’s it going, guys! This is a new segment on the Arbolio Blog we’re calling “Blogcast,” where my friends Jake, Motts and I discuss the world.

Everything you see here comes from our chats (yes, everyone consented to publish these specific convos.) We thought “Hey, we should record these, they’d make good podcasts,” but alas, they come to us in the heat of the moment. So, instead of letting them go to waste, we're posting them here for your 🤔 pleasure:


Fred: Wtf is happening to the film industry...
Motts: You say it because of the amount of CG?

F: Yeah, It's not even film, its CG with added bits of live action. It should be the other way around, using it as a tool, not a crutch. Its good-looking animation, but tech still hasn't gotten to true photorealism yet; it still looks fake, and they're already juicing the shit out of it

M: Yeah. I do think in Black Panther it started to show
But in Infinity War
Ironman looked super CG, same as Spiderman, and Black Panther. I mean sometimes I found rocket raccoon to look more natural than iron man.

F: Hahahaha… 😢 oh god
It's all CG with Marvel

M: Yeah... I mean I’m glad Star Wars (except the prequels) switched back to mostly practical FX
I’m wondering:
If Ironman looks super CG right now, I can’t imagine what it’ll look like when today’s CG ages. Especially the latest 2017-2018 releases.
Kind of like what happened with the Star Wars prequels.

F: Oh, hah yeah, these movies are not going to age well. I say good riddance.

M: Yeah. The only one I’ve enjoyed was Doctor Strange.

F: I liked Deadpool and Guardians on the story. They twisted things a tad, even if just a tad.
Strange's effects were very creative, but not particularly mesmerizing on the "photo real" aspect, and I enjoyed the sequence where he was in a trance at the beginning.
The story was forgettable though.

M: Oooooooh Deadpool
Though I’m talking Disney Marvel

F: How is Deadpool not Disney marvel? It's all Marvel.

M: PG rating and It was fox whomst did it
And now that Disney has fox weeeeeeell they just have to

F: Oh
I'd say over the top gore and sex appeal aside; it's pretty PG
Controversial opinion, I know

M: Yeah

F: Oooh
Yeah btw, Fox fukin nailed the Logan movie, on vfx AND story. That one I have nothing against.

M: Same thoughts, Logan was terrific. I have nothing against Deadpool, Logan, and Dr. Strange I can’t say anything about Guardians... I haven’t watched em completely.

F: Yeah I disagree slightly with Strange, but overall those are the only 3/4 good Marvel Hero movies.
Out of how many? About 20.

M: Or more, if you count the x-men movies
Also fox
And then... Don’t get me started on DC…

F: Oh fukin hell, yeah forgot about those 🙄

M: The only "good" one was the dark knight

F: Because of Nolan and Zimmer

M: Yea
Those got me started in superhero movies
Then I went to suicide fucks
And welllp
There goes DC fukin up

F: Yup
They haven't gotten a single one right other than dark knight.
They are truest of money whores.
Some argue Wonder woman too because ratings were somewhat decent in comparison, but I thought it sucked

M: I do think so

Jake: There are other good dc movies. Like Wonder Woman was pretty good.
But then there are the Burton Batman movies.

F: @Jake Oh hi Mark

J: And the first two Christopher Reeve movies

M: There is George Clooney Batman

J: No
There isn't

M: Yea, and he's gai
There is Superman
"man of steel."

J: There's also all the animated stuff they've done

M: Oh
Animated stuff, I think that is so much better

J: Excluding killing joke though. Cuz that one was just a garbage fire.

M: I’ve also watched marvel’s animated shows... But they fall short cuz they’re too kid-friendly

J: I also really liked the first two-thirds of Wonder Woman

F: How long ago was Civil War?

Holy shit we can measure time in Marvel movies.

Oh god

M: I... Didn’t watch it
2015 I think. Ooor 2016

J: It's been ten years since iron man came out

F: Damn
That's more than half our lives

M: The only thing I liked about infinity war was.... (Spoilers)
I bet y’all know

F: The meme?
“I don't feel so good.”

M: Thanos "kills" half of the superheroes
And he kind of wins And that he killed them, instead of just killing one or two

J: I thought you were going to say dad bod Thanos

M: He Thicc

F: Oh, fuck to the yes
But you know they’re either coming back on a bullshit excuse that audiences will love, or they're preparing a new generation of "heroes."
I theorize this because of the general re-birth theme in Logan.

M: Yeah

J: I mean, they're introducing the cosmic aspect
They've just now introduced the dimensional element It will allow everyone marvel owns to crossover
Like, the actual God of Marvel could just let this happen

M: Some argue, that the movies of the ones who died will happen before infinity in the timeline
And they will have a new generation to fight Galactus or some bullshit

F: Oh

An iron man from dimension two

A Rick from dimension 249

There's your bullshit excuse

M: Tho... Seeing the set pics of Avengers 4, I’m inclined to think time travel
Are you mocking Rick and Morty?

F: Yeah

M: Go away
Off you go, have a good day sir

F: No I was making a joke
I shall stance my place, good sir. I have decided to s t a y.

J: It could be both

M: Hmmm

J: Time travel and dimension hopping go hand in hand in marvel comics

M: So I've heard

F: This could all be a tv show
But no because tv dies fast
And movies make money
So we gotta juice that shit

M: I dunno, I was getting excited for Avengers 4 to see how they would pull that off, buuuuut it’s probably a bullshit excuse

F: Yup we just figured out the bullshit excuses to bring em back...


J: Rick and Morty isn't as good as we give it credit

M: What!?

F: You need an IQ of 20, sir

J: Like it’s fun, but it's not as good as you think
Like, strip away the memes
And you're left with a solid show that's just been burnt to hell

M: Oh yeah, I know it’s not an art piece... It’s fun
And memes

F: I think it was good without the memes since I watched it pre-memes
It’s one of those show I look at as purely entertaining. Ya know, one of those I'll watch on my tablet over dinner with no remorse I may be "missing out."

J: It's just okay

M: Hmmm
I think it's better than BoJack

J: Go to hell

M: But BoJack makes a better social critique, soooo I give it that

J: Bojack has better writing

M: You gonna say its better?

J: Character-wise

F: I agree, but I haven't watched any full episodes of BoJack, just clips

J: Watch it

M: Yeah, it’s awesome

J: All the first season
Don't stop until you finish that first season

M: And wait, reflect on it
And then go to season 2

J: Because it's ep 11 that starts the real show

M: Yea

J: But you need the other ten episodes

M: And once it gets started


This is just a meme. We do not associate with any political party. Don't get your panties in a twist over a meme, please.

M: Look, someone who actually enjoys the MCU

F: Hahahahahahaahah yuuup

J: I mean, we could just restart with near-identical clones of everyone In a different universe
Meaning, there could be different character dynamics

M: Yeah
Or hop in time travel and take the infinity stones before Thanos gets there, and fuck up the timeline and create a paradox
And maybe those green elves get in the way because... Captain Marvel

F: They could literally do anything…

What about you, fellow reader? Do you agree, or disagree? We read all the comments, and are happy to discuss in a civil debate :D

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