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My conscience, my reading and I.


Welcome to my blog! The purpose of it is really to have an outlet for my mind but also to let you, dear stranger, get to know me better. Most of the posts will be general thoughts that cross my mind. It may vary from one day speaking of film and its current state, or reviewing the BM Ursa, to giving song suggestions, speaking about life and even talking about some games I may be into. It will really all depend on the mood of the day. I hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you on the next post!

My conscience, my reading and I.

Federico Arboleda

When reading a narrative, I am critical. The percentages between ingenuity and reflexivity depend entirely on what I am reading, be it a book or a movie.

For a book, I would say I am 70% reflexive and 30% naive (or "renafli"). When I read a book, I will usually do it to grow as a person, adding a new perspective to the collection in my subconscious. I do it to get to know the characters, in a way unreachable in real life, to find that I am not alone under my "innate" perspectives. I do it mainly to find myself, as well as to discover the person I could become, considering the personality I already have. I rarely read to avoid boredom, which I do with a movie.

When reading a movie, I am 50% reflexive and 50% naive (or "renaflie"). I look at it in an attentive analysis of each visual metaphor. Every fact has relevance to emotional progress explicitly invoked by a cut, light, a sound, or a lens. When I read a movie, I do it to entertain myself emotionally in the vaulted and arched journey of each character, within a story narrated through the details.